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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion




Thanks for your reply. And I apologize for my ambiguity. My question was more to satisfy my own curiosity than to anticipate any user demands.

Giving my users the ability to switch between templates is not terribly important to me at this time. And I would tend to agree with keeping layouts more on the uniform side… I can just see my inbox flooding with “how do I fix this” type of questions.

On the other hand, being a creative fellow myself – who really likes to fiddle with things, sometimes to the point of breaking them – I imagine many users would appreciate having the option to switch their album layout between 2 or 3 styles. (Of course, the lack of uniformity here could conceivably be cause for confusion among users.)

We are building communities. I believe our focus thus needs to be on what our community desires as a whole, rather than on the caprices of individuals. But who am I to impose my own beliefs upon others? Ultimately, if a choice can be made, it should be by the user.

My conclusion: keep it as admin-only for now – to get the next release out on schedule ;-). But let’s have some discussion about whether or not the option could – or should – be added to a future release.

What say you gang?

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