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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion



Good morning everyone!

Here’s the “Monday Beta”.

Now, a few important points about this release:

1) This is a BETA with a capital “B”. The “core” works, but many of the config options are still being set by hard-coded values. We figured you’d like something ugly that works more than you’d like something pretty that does nothing.

Unless you see something bad in the actual source code, please do not post to the forum saying “Feature X doesn’t work”. We’ll have a release out later in the week you can do that with! :)

2) The purpose of this release is to:

a) Demonstrate that we now have “multiple album” capability working.

b) Demonstrate that we have “member tagging” and “keyword tagging” working.

c) Demonstrate that we have disk-based image caching working

d) Introduce you to the concept of dynamically generated albums, based on tags

3) This release does NOT have a database upgrade routine written for it. To get it working, delete your bp-album plugin directory, copy these files in its place, deactivate the plugin, and then reactivate it.

If that *still* doesn’t work, and you are experimenting on a TEST INSTALL, drop the “bp_album” and “bp_album_meta” tables from your database, then deactivate and reactivate the plugin.

4) To evaluate the beta:

a) Upload ten photos to your album using the “upload photo” option.

b) Click on a photo you have uploaded, select “edit” and then add the tag “test 1” to the tag field.

c) Repeat for several other photos, using “Test 2, Test 3…, etc”

d) Go back to the main album screen. Note that on the upper right-hand side of the plugin canvas, photos have been arranged into albums based on the tags you have assigned them. Click on the text links to view them.

e) Click on any of your uploaded photos, click on the “edit” link, enter one or more user’s names in the “Member tags” field.

f) Log in as one of the users you have tagged, navigate to the photo that was tagged, and note that the active member is now tagged in that photo.

g) Go back to the main album page. Click on a different photo. Note how the second member can tag themselves in this photo.

This demonstration only shows a few of the things the plugin can do. It also has the ability to tag based on X/Y coordinates like Flicker and Facebook do, and it has the ability for photo owners to remove unwanted tags and members to un-tag themselves from people’s photos.

5) We’ll have a much better beta out by Thursday or Friday with a proper GUI on it. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this beta and take the opportunity to experiment with the many new features we’re introducing!


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