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Re: BP Album+ || New Features Requests and Discussion



@Tosh – The annoying activity stream problem you are experiencing is being caused by the edits you have made to the CSS file on your website. Basically, you’re telling the browser “Take every entry in the activity stream and float it over to the left” Because the thumbnail is the tallest element in the div, it sets the effective width, not the text, and so you end up with the images “catching” on each other instead of bumping down to a new line. You can probably fix this by setting the width of the containing element to 100%.

This sort of thing is why we encourage users to only test the plugin on the default theme. :)

@calvinhsu – probably a good idea. Fairly easy to add using the image meta tags.

@Jedbarish – The FaceBook and Flickr templates improve the look of thumbnails with diverse aspect ratios by rigidly enforcing layout. The difference between scale and resize is that resize works on a square canvas and scale works on an arbitrarily defined one. You can have “Widescreen” thumbnails using scale if you want.

@pcwriter – Oh yes, the tag links will be replaced with a thumbnail of the gallery’s first photo. The text links were just for the beta. *Click on the arrow to the left of the tag*

@Anointed – It’s certainly possible. We’ll look into it after we get the rest of the core features implemented.

@Mike Pratt – Good point.

Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention. You guys noticed that you could re-order your albums by clicking on the “arrows” below the thumbs, right?


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