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Re: BP Album vs BP Gallery



here’s my 2 cent! i’m still undecided which gallery i’m going for. i’m even considering (read: have started) porting nextgen gallery over. i’ve also paid a subscription fee to brajesh to support him and to get a look at the code. at the moment i’m also doing some work on bp album. if the two developers want to incorporate the stuff i code is another matter.

bp gallery definately has won featurewise atm. plus there’s loads of ajax goodness going on. bp album on the other hand has two developers already, so it might grow quickly and overtake bp gallery at some point. saying that, brajesh might have other people working on bp gallery as well. who knows…

The one big thing bp album is lacking at the moment are multiple galleries. that’s like a showstopper right there, but i’m pretty certain they’ll be implemented. one thing i don’t like about bp gallery is it’s own implementation of error messages. they look and feel different than the bp ones, which makes for an inconsistent user experience. that’s just a minor point though and should be easy to fix.

the question shouldn’t be what plugin is better, but when am i gonna use what plugin. if you only need image galleries, then you won’t need the audio or video galleries bp gallery offers. Most sites wouldn’t want their users to upload videos anyways. takes up too much space and bandwidth. the way to handle that would be oembed galleries, now that’d be clever. or give site admins a choice.

we all got to make a living, so if brajesh wants to charge 30 bucks, then good for him. still means his code is gpl and once i have it i can do anything i want with it *evilsupervillainlaugh*. anyways, nuff said. getting tired from all this typing…

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