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Re: BP Album vs BP Gallery



Heres the real truth to all of this,

I want a facebook style gallery. Thats what I want. So when the bp-just-like-facebook-gallery plugin comes out I will rejoice and work it on my site.

Until then I think both applications are severely lacking in comfort and usability. I have only seen a site with bp-Galleries on it and it has some serious issues that I think will eventually be resolved but its alot closer then the other.

I have yet to try bp-albums so I cant give an honest review but since I already know it doesnt have more than one album I know its out.

I’ve started with bp-Galleries because I need to start themeing but the big fear is the the core team will eventually adopt a codebase that is different then that I am using. Then when I have 1000 photos on a defunct plugin what the hell will I do?

So with that I think it hugely important the the core decide on a path to go with this. If Brajesh wants to Open his code to the community so we can all contribute I think he should. Because I’ll be honest I’m already hacking the hell out of it. But I’m not going to go too far because he will release again and break my work..

I want to hack it, I want to break it, then I want to make it sing. So because Brajesh SAYS he will open it, I will stick with BP-Galleries, but since its also GPL if it starts to delay or stagnate I hope we as a community take it out of the box and get more hands on the code. Once Brajesh drops the paywall and lets some other developers offer patches, Ideas, or help I think the plugin will jump leaps and bounds. It is GPL so anyone who has it could redistribute it for free, or for $40,000 its whatever you want to pay for it.. Yay Open Source!

Or it will be replaced. I had plans to work on a plugin for a project of mine, but its so back burnner right now I cant see tackling that until the summer at earliest. But I think Brajesh is in the right path so for now I’m sticking with him.

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