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Re: BP Album vs BP Gallery

Brajesh Singh


hi all

Just got pointed to this thread, so I thought, I need to chime in .

I am happy to see the BP Album+ coming as a successor of Manoj’s Bp-Picture album, I am not very happy with the criticism here for the gallery, and I thought, I will express it here.


First of all, I don’t want to go into the details of opensource philosophy, but what about RedHat Enterprise in case of Linux. People prefer them because Redhad has more reliability over it’s free alternative(e.g centOs and others). Let the choice is in the hands of End users, and GPL does not restrict to charge for code/distribution.

For your questions:-

1.Being free/opensource does not guarantee quality, what are the measures of quality, let me know, I will be glad to allow someone who want to do quality analysis have access to the code and post his/her review here.

I have no objections, if you say, gallery is paid and you will avoid using it, but Gallery has much better code quality than most of the plugin available free. And I am ready to go through any quality analysis process to make sure, what I say is correct. I will urge, do not predict anything, if you have not seen the code.


If you know, buddypress 1.2 had scheduled release date of 2nd week of Dec, but it was released after 15th Feb, so the core project got delayed for 2 months from it’s original schedule date. and You know, any project which depended on it, got delayed too, and to add that, from Rc1 to RC2 transition for buddypress broke many things. How about that ? The Rc2 is coming tonight for your info.

3. No of contributor: How many contributors buddypress had before the joining of JJJ, only one, and He was Andy, so how do you felt at that time ?

4. GPL::- Have you seen the license for Gallery:- IT is GPL and will remain that, so If I leave development(which is not going to happen in near future), anyone can go ahead and do that. I choose GPL to allow others to use it in case something happened wrong with me, otherwise I might have opted for more restrictive license. I will advise to read terms at my site, it specifically says, until and unless mentioned, everything available there is GPL. Each and every component available/coming are/will be released under GPL only.

6.Code Quality: You are most welcome to check the code, and see where the gallery code compares to any of the plugin available for Buddypress.

7.As far other programmer are concerned, a few most respected programmers of the buddypress community have access to the plugin(I am not going to mention their name), may be they can chime in if they want.

8.Extendability:- Currently, gallery supports user galleries,group galleries, and has well written filters,action to hook gallery with any component, be it events/blogs or what ever new component which has a presense of its own. I agree I have not provided a user documentation, where is the documentation for other well written plugins for Buddypress ? Can you point me to a few? and I assure, I will provide the documentation before the final release. Documentation will come after the stable is out.

9. Supporting Plugin: Is there any one paid plugin/free plugin/themes on Buddydev which is not supported, point me, I will change my statement here.

10. Why do you think BP Gallery to be released as opensource is nill, It is currently released as opensource but paid. You should rather correct and ask what are the probability of getting it released as free(It is already opensource, and there are so many differences between free/opensource).

I have mentioned it again and again, It will be released as FREE on/before bp 1.3, and I have mentioned it to all the members/ here in the community too. So, you should still be happy to know, I will release it as free before bp 1.3.

I am not pulling $30,000, at all, and neither I am pulling $3000 per month, it is much lower. and there are very few paid members, there are thousands of free members there. If I had to charge, I would have rather charged much higher not the mere $30.

Please do not make it as an issue, I wish the development of BP Album+ all the best and If you need any assistance, do Let me know, I will be glad to help you as I have done these things for gallery.

It will be better if we concentrated on the purpose of this thread.



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