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Re: BP and bbPress – problems and questions



I have tried both and with the same result – can’t find the file.

If I’m not mistaken, I think you have to put in the absolute file path to bb-config.php (eg. /var/www/forums/bb-config.php).

1) bbPress plugins in BuddyPress will require porting to a WP plugin so BuddyPress can detect it. Depending on the complexity of your bbPress plugins, this might be complicated.

2) You’ll basically have two sets of forums – BP group forums and your external install of bbPress. Your external install of bbPress will need to be themed if you want it to match your WP/BP site.

3) BP forums are powered by groups. You need to create a “group” in order to create a forum in BuddyPress. If you choose to integrate an external install of bbPress with BP, your BuddyPress forums will show up in your external install by default as well. To avoid duplication in your external bbPress install, read this thread.

Re: long range question. Not sure what is going to happen.

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