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Re: BP Avatars in bbPress

Burt Adsit


No, I can’t imagine it’s allocating that much mem for anything. That spot in the ixr library is for getting the xml values for a ‘struct’. I’m not transferring structs at all. It has a specific option in that fn for ‘array’ and that’s the closest thing.

Anyway. Somehow I think that both ixr libs are being used. Somehow. Just comment out the require_once() on the wp side and take out the restriction on the bbpress side for that same library inclusion.

That ‘parse error’ means that it can’t parse some xml that it’s getting. Lets deal with the mem problem. I think that the ‘parse error’ is just a spurious err msg.

How many groups and users do you have? Nothing can be 40megs of mem.

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