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Re: BP Avatars in bbPress

Burt Adsit


John, I’m thinking that the problem with nothing coming back is related to the bug you found with the password. I think that the bbpress side is sending the correct username but a blank password and the authentication is failing.

On the bbpress side the username and password are saved in meta data. I’m not changing the actual ‘connection user’ password. The same thing is happening on the bp side. sambauers is saving the username and password in meta data.

In this case the bug in my code checked the two passwords and saved an empty string as the password. It send it along to authenticate. It fails and doesn’t return an error message.

Fix would be to save the password again. Three times.

1) Change the password in the bbpress user maintenance screen for the utility user.

2) Change the password in the bbGroups config screen.

3) Change the password in the buddypress config screen.

We’ve got 3 passwords floating around and one is hosed. More than likely the one in my stuff.

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