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Re: BP Avatars in bbPress

Burt Adsit


@plaintext passwords

Nope just comparing text to text. You are using sambauers code even if you don’t know it John. The bp group forums uses Sam’s bbpress live plugin for group forums access. Everbody knows it as just a widget that displays bbpress forums and topics in wp sidebars. It’s alot more than that. It’s got all the capabilities bp needs to create and post to bbpress from bp. It’s all there under the hood. See: /mu-plugins/bp-forums/bp-forums-bbpress-live.php

@doing support here

This is ok. I don’t mind. I talked to Andy about this issue and bluntly asked about it. I know it’s hard to believe, but I’m not very subtle at times. He’s ok with this.

@reverting and things are ok

I’ll revisit this again and wipe things clean on my side. Start from scratch. Test again. When you stop wasting your time sleeping, let me know what your setup is for deep integration. I just need to simulate that on my side.

You do this in bb-config.php?

if ( !defined( ‘ABSPATH’ ) ) {

include_once( ‘/Full/Path/To/wp-load.php’ );


I remember it being something more than that. For the admin area also. I’ll start there.

@debugging xmlrpc

Ha! Welcome to the nightmare John.

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