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Re: BP Avatars in bbPress

John James Jacoby


I basically started going through what changes were made to your plugin since it last worked, and started replacing code block by block. Once I could debug the XML request, it gave me some eyes in the back of my head so to speak, to watch what I couldn’t otherwise see.

So basically, it sounds like there is something in the xprofile field, and/or something in some users meta info that the XML parser just doesn’t like, so it gets caught up and returns a crappy value? Is that a good guess? You think it’s time to just rip through the user meta and see if anything looks suspicious?

Here’s a question. What if there are users that haven’t yet updated their profiles in BuddyPress? They were converts from a install, and if they haven’t returned since then, BuddyPress doesn’t have a “fullname” for them yet, and they also don’t have xprofile info. Could that break this somehow? Is there a way to watch this user by user and have it spit out an error when it finds a bad value?

Also, just for the record. I’m using BuddyPress RC1, bbPress Alpha6, and WPMU2.7. Is it possible there was a trunk update that you’re using that I’m not that maybe gives you different results than me?

More specifically, if I comment out line 335 in oci_bp_groups_forums.php…

//$user['xprofile_' . $group->name . '_' . $field_obj->name] = array('group' => $group->name, 'name' => $field_obj->name, 'value' => $field_obj->data->value, 'type' => $field_obj->type);

And run the group import, it works without error as well.

If I put a switch on the $field_obj-> name…

switch ($field_obj->name) {

…and only retrieve the custom title and forum signature, the groups import also works (still not for all users though, only groups.) I think it may be tripping over a specific type of field. I’m going to guess the textarea field, but that’s totally a blind guess with no merit or motive what-so-ever. :)

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