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Re: BP Content Tags Project – Call For Ideas

Burt Adsit


I like this “Tag This” concept more and more.

– The tagging window could display a list of the user’s groups. Select a group and the existing tags for the group are displayed.

– Select one or more tags or create one or more.

– Enter an excerpt of the content by copy and paste, type something in or an excerpt gets inserted for editing if it’s an internal tag.

– A list of content types is available for selection: ‘blog’, ‘blog post’, ‘site’, ‘forum’, ‘forum topic’, ‘feed’, ‘uncategorized’.

– Item gets sent to the group’s tagged content moderation queue for approval. Possible reassignment to a different tag(s) within the group and check for content type match.

– Approval posts to the item’s tags and posted in some default tags such as ‘recent’ (cache), ‘author name’.

– Activity streams are updated.

– Subscribers to group tags are notified by email, notification in admin bar, inbox notification(?).

(Yes I know Andy, start small)

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