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Re: BP Content Tags Project – Call For Ideas

Hi burtadsit, I read it all (exclamationmark :-)) English is not my “tongue”, but I hope I got the main idea. It sounds AWESOME!!!

Just to check, if I got that right: (I think I would need exactly something like that, because I am running a community for young-leaders who can submit and search for relevant resources in youth-work. )

With that project I have tagged almost everything on my whole mu-site. Posts (sure…), but also bp-events, forum-stuff, wire-stuff, groups, etc…

I can collect those tags for groups etc, but also show them in a kind of sitewide (forum, buddypress,”normal”wpmu) tagcloud? THAT WOULD BE GREAT!!! So everybody finds exactly what they are searching for… (better than eny search engine…).

Right? (if not, that would be a suggestion for a feature or something :-)

Thanks for your work!


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