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Re: BP Content Tags Project – Call For Ideas

Burt Adsit


“and would probably render group creation irrelevant down the line (all in good time).”

Dynamic groups Andy? I think you’d still want and need the groups as containers for members and apps like the wire and forums.

What John was suggesting was a “Press This” type of mini app for tagging content to a bp site. It would be useful both on the site and just browsing around the net. “Tag This” instead. That type of tagging would only be useful for things that have urls. An image in a slide show or album may not have an url. Wire posts don’t. Content that would be on a bp site that don’t resolve down to an url would need a little “Tag This” link so that the link would transfer component/item_id information to the popup “Tag This” window.

I think we are talking about the same thing.

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