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Re: BP Content Tags Project – Call For Ideas

John James Jacoby


Shouldn’t you belong to the group “Transformers ARE awesome?” ;)

Which I mean, they are… The new movie left something to be desired, and Voltron was always better than Transformers, but that’s a little off topic for this convo… :D

I think, from what I gather, that what you’re really talking about are categorized group links, probably with similar relative content like the blogroll style links functionality already has, that can be approved or denied by a group moderator or administrator. Maybe call them Glinks? A new functionality for generating a link from a website to yours, via a mini app or from the group control panel, for content relative to the topic.

This could be further extended by allowing Glinks for tags, or blogs, or forum posts also… “The people viewing this *blog/tag/post* also thought these links were interesting…” kind of thing…

Make sense?

I hope that group creation isn’t rendered obsolete, quite the opposite actually. I am used to using groups for permission based structure, to allow one group of users to perform a task that others cannot, and vice versa. I hope that the groups functionality is expanded in further versions of *Press to allow for certain groups to moderate other groups, blogs, forums, etc… In a real life community, groups, users, and content naturally exist within some kind of hierarchy, otherwise it tends to become a mish-mash of conflicting content. This is basically why blogs allow for multiple categories and sub categories, for without that structure, it’s just a page full of random jibber jabber.

This holds true in the virtual world, where certain groups of individuals are held as a more credible source than others, some groups have rankings and attributes that allow some group members to be more valuable than others, etc…

Am I rambling now?

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