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Re: bp-events for bp 1.1 needs testing!

Erwin Gerrits


Ah, here I am =)

I have (finally) upgraded to BuddyPress 1.1 on my test site (just the forums working in one click is just worth every minute of it!!). I have set aside (branched) the old version of bp-events (0.6) for people still running bp 1.0.3 (for whatever reason), and from now on, the trunk version on my site (and WordPress plugins) will solely work on BP 1.1 and beyond. Marius has put in a *ton* of work rewriting most of the code to keep up with the major changes to BP from 1.0.3 to 1.1. For the next little while, I will mirror the changes made to the trunk listed on this thread to the one on my site until we merge the two and go forward on one version (when I have figured out how to do this…)

I am currently reworking the calendar view to have *lots* of AJAX “refreshments”…

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