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Re: bp-Events plugins directory question

Burt Adsit


Erwin the component db upgrade routines run when you change the component db version numbers. If you want to mod the db tables and upgrade them somehow then you need to bump the component’s db version number.

Your component’s check installed routine runs and only runs the install fn if site admin visit’s the wp back end and the current component db version number defined in your code is > than that stored in site meta.

The stored current ver number gets updated to the current component db version number after whatever table mods happen. Then the code’s component db version number matches the site meta stored component db version number and it doesn’t run again.

The component table upgrades have nothing to do with where your component lives, what back end menu it appears in or with anything else that bp or other components are doing.

It’s up to you as the component author to decide when table upgrades happen. It’s controlled by your component specific db version number.

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