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Re: bp-events update



Not to be rude or anything, but should we (the community) see if we can find another developer for this? I’m willing to donate to get this going, and with so much working already done by Erwin (thank you for that!) shouldnt we try and get a developer on board.

I can’t really tell if you have a problem with this Erwin, and if your remark “your free to do whatever you like” is actually serious or more meant as a defense to people complaining about wanting to get the plugin RIGHT NOW FFS (lol?).

If you look at the amount of progress the two BP-Album+ guys made in two weeks I’m sure BP-Events could kick some serious butt with an extra developer.. I think this is a core feature which should be out sooner then later. I’ll ask the developers I speak regularly (all three of them) if they are interested in this, because it’s kind of a waste to let this lay around for months.. agreed?

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