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Re: bp-events update



This is the challenge with open source and most plugins. This is also why many people choose not to release the plugins they write. Most people totally appreciate the hard work, the lack of compensation and the endless “how do I’s?”

But invariably, there’s some impatient someone who thinks the developers world should revolve around their needs (whether they’re willing to pay or not) and that spoils it for everyone.

I do think it courteous that those who release plugins let us know their plans. They don’t owe us, but I think it’s courteous. Of course, plans change and given that free plugins are not often the priority, plans will change often. The sooner most realize that, probably the more plugins they’ll write themselves and the more people will be willing to release what they’ve already written.

I’m glad Andy and crew are getting paid now, but this all started as a free donation and I am extremely appreciative of that. Every bit of code here is testament to the extreme generosity of this community in a “me-first” world.

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