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Re: bp-events update

Hugo Ashmore


In fairness I guess that this post on this thread wasn’t too helpful and got a lot of hopes up especially given the implied timelines and nearness of completion:

Great News! Heard back from Erwin re bp-events and he authorized me to post an update (quoted)

I am working with Dave Aubin to make bp-events work with 1.2,

including the new templates. That is just days away (I hope), then

I turn the code over to Sven who has been working on integrating the

excellent jQuery plugin FullCalendar (and has the code ready to go)

once I hand over the bp-events 1.2 code.

I tell you, working with the new template system without any

documentation has been quite the chore as I am sure you know as well.

Once that is all working I will release a preliminary version

and work on some additional features/widgets.

So, I hope bp-events 1.2 comes out within a month of the

official bp 1.2 came out, so in all, not too bad!

BP 1.2 was released on Feb 16th so I think it’s safe to ball-park a working copy around mid march, by his estimation. Suffice to say I am fired up.

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