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Re: BP-FBConnect Plugin

Joss Winn


Nice work on the FB plugin. I’ve got it working and can create a new user and login fine. However, there’s two significant problems that I can see:

1. The FB user can create a blog but when they try to login, they’re prompted for a password. The FB password doesn’t work (which is right) and they don’t have a BP password, so they’re locked out. Either they need to be able to login to their blog with their FB credentials, or they need to be prohibited from creating a blog.

2. The FB plugin goes in the /plugins/ folder and so is available to all users to activate but doesn’t offer functionality to individual blogs so is redundant and confusing to users (when plugin activation is possible for blog owners).

I know this was just a bit of Sunday fun, but people thinking of using the plugin need to know that it’s not yet 100% ready for dropping into BP.

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