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Re: bp-forums is checked in

Burt Adsit


Damn. It’s 5a EST in the States. I’ve been up all nite fooling around with geocoding and googlemapping posts. I should have checked the forums 2 hrs ago. Well, it’ll be here when I get up now won’t it?

Thanks Andy. You know we’ve all been waiting (im)patiently for the forums component. I was reading the SVN log for bbPress. I don’t normally do that or even keep up with the revs on bbPress. Just wasn’t that important until today. It says that Sam has solved some integration problems between bbpress and wpmu. Ya, I’d surely love to see that.

Cookie & session keys that are under documented, admin user accounts disappearing, new users having ‘inactive’ roles, docs that are just plain wrong, _ck_ running around trying to help and put out fires. I don’t even remember all the headaches. Am I just tired or did that sound like you were saying I had to do all that again. Really?

I’m going to bed. So should you. One of us is hallucinating. Dreaming. You gonna write docs for that process? Dreaming, he’s dreaming.

I should be.

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