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Re: bp-group-calendar – not updating group activity



hi @nit3watch, all donations are welcome, even small ones keep the developers happy :). send paypal donations to

I don’t need anything from their website, I think I might still be a member- ( i bought three months). And yes, as far as I know it is fully legal. what you pay for is membership and access to the plugins, but the plugins themselves, by law, need to be GNU license. There are sneaky ways around this for some plugin developers, but WPMU-DEV has not used them. share away, but be conscious, For example, if WPMU-Dev is activity supporting a plugin, then sharing it with the community without continued support might be a dis-service. also forking a project and not supporting it in the future is also a dis-service to the over-all community. That is if they actually support their plugins, which the do to a degree.

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