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Re: BP-Groupblog does not see previously created groups and does not work

still giving


Yes, I am using sub-domains. No, I did not go back and forward.

If the plugin does not work with sub-domains … <i>which, let’s face it, are pretty core to WPMU</i> … then I suggest that it would be good practise to add a block, warning or at least instructions during the setting up process which prohibits the use of the plugin.

There is nothing in the readme either.

‘example’ and ‘’ is just the usual ‘example’ computerspeak not the actual name used.

The header error as above happen on the first and every attempt at blog creation, not going back and forward.

I went forward until the white error page. I could neither go back nor forward. When I came out of the plugin set up, I discovered that it had partly set up the blog on the home page (<i>but that other elements of groupblog did not work of it did not work</i>). It stalls on stage 3.

I also found that previously made groups (<i>made before the groupblog installation</i>), did not have a blog and I could not make a blog for them.

As for the rest, see my perfectly polite and helpful comments … here.

Can I also say, for the future, it would be a really great feature if, when removing the plugin, it removed (or gave the option to remove) all the changes it made to one’s database.

Its a really great idea but perhaps … in all fairness … you should reduce it from a 1.0 + release for just now until it does work?

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