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Re: BP-Groupblog does not see previously created groups and does not work

Hi, I’m having enormous difficulty with this plugin. I’m pretty much a newbie to buddypress. I have the default theme installed, and the latest version of BP, and of the BP Groupblog plugin. My host company just added a Wildcard DNS, thinking this would solve the problem which is that, each time I try to create a group blog, I come to the error page “Oops! This link appears to be broken”.

Now, a few hours after the Wildcard DNS was added, I’m still getting the error message, and I still cannot create a group blog for any of my 3 new groups, which have all decided to act very strangely now. I can’t see them listed on the sidebar widget any more. My BP site is only a couple days old, all we’ve done is allow new members to join at Contributor level, and we have a few members who are at Editor level but are instructed not to touch or do anything at all to the site, just join the groups I’ve created.

I am really struggling with this, and I need to get it done before we lose our group on 20th July when Ning starts charging.

Any assistance will be hugely appreciated.


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