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Re: BP Groupblog Error – Call to undefined function

still giving


Is there any chance of the plugin being official adopted by Buddypress/Automattic, and therefore be supported?

It is a great idea but it is not safe to use if it is not going to supported.

Ditto, subdomains do not seem to be supported yet either.

I find that since the upgrade, even though I can now load the page by following the above, it just does not work. Old blogs are not recognised. If I post in a group, it goes into the main admin website again.

When I go to an old Group Blog page

under ‘Enable group blog’

Blog Title:

Blog Address:

Are blanked out with no titles.

Under the blog menu, there is Dashboard, Add New Post, Add New Link, Add New Page … but these link to main admin site blog not group blog.

I would not want to delete groups and have to remake them

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