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Re: BP in Education…



Has anyone taken a look at Deki WIki? It is most impressive! We use it to run our 32 school websites:

I would love a Deki Wiki implementation or plugin. Deki is so powerful and they do have an open source version. Take a look at our school sites.

Right now for our WPMU+BP setup we have the following plugins:

Set Privacy Settings – We created a walled garden so that no blogs are public unless requested by the teacher.

Limit Admin Menus – Allows me some control over the student blogs and what they can access in their admin panels like Privacy Settings, plugins, etc.

Limit of three blogs per student which was a BP hack on the Create Blog page.

LDAP Auth for WPMU – Only staff and students can enter.

Content Monitor – Scans posts and comments for keywords to cut down on cyber-bullying.

And a few others for appearances etc.

Anyone else have additional plugins for education?

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