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Re: BP mark as spammers acts wierd in



I totally agree with this. It’s quite confusing. I think more than a rewording of the text is needed.

Perhaps you can give people a series of simple steps they should go through to complete setting up their membership?

Step 1: Activate your membership

You give them instructions to visit their email account then click on the activation link in the email.

When they click on the activation link they’re taken to the next step page…

Step 2: Customize your avatar

They do this then press the button to complete, then they’re taken to the final step…

Step 3: They’re then directed to the activity page, at the top of this page could be a message to tell them their account is now active and they can start posting.

This 3 step process gives people a clear path to follow taking them to the page where they can then see what’s going on and begin taking part.

Each step page is nice and simple.

What do you think?

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