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Re: BP Member Filter



@olizilla Just to confirm that your solution seems to work, and I am yet to experience any side effects to removing the & from $members_template and treating it as a input variable and not a reference. However it would be nice if @johnjamesjacoby could provide some feedback on that.

An interesting minor bug that I have come across with drop down variables. Drop down lists are not analysed by whether option1, 2, 3… x is selected but rather by looking searching for the text string associated with the value. For the most part this is irrelevant, in some cases this may even be fortuitous, there is one particular case where this causes a problem though.

Say I have a field called gender that allows members to specify their sex with options Male and Female. If I set filter to female, all works as expected and those that are male or rather not answer are filtered out. However, if I select male, as the word female also contains the string “male”, the female results still come up, all be it with less priority at the end (I think).

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