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Re: BP needs to Focus on Child Themes

This sort of comment is why we end up closing threads; trying to provoke developers into responding to your thread in this way is, at the very least, rude.

I was referring to the main BuddyPress project, as that’s where the theme is. The project to improve is not related. And child themes are usable and upgradeable; I personally have clients doing exactly that.
Giving the entire community less than two hours to link you to BP 1.2.5 theme upgrade instructions and then saying that “child themes are not compatible with BP” is unrealistic and misleading for anyone casually browsing these forums.

The best I will do for you is link you to this page on the Trac, which shows the differences in the BP-Default theme from 1.2.4 to 1.2.5. Red means something deleted, green means something changed or new.

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