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Re: BP plugins are visible and activatable for non-admin users in their consoles

Hugo Ashmore


Slightly tangental – apologies. This discussion brings to my mind the fact that in many ways I find the description of Buddypress, Buddypress-links, BP-Events, BP-Album and others of the same ilk as far more than plugins; plugins tend to make me think of things that are fun but not essential in any way to the operation of the core application whereas Buddypress whilst not necessary to WP is not simply a plugin it changes the working nature of WP and is far more suited to being known as a module or something to set it apart.

In an ideal world I would like BP installed much as is but described differently but along with BP are installed a series of modules that can be activated or not by admin but that these are only activated from within BP so to speak always sitewide as BP is these modules representing some essential core set of features e.g Links, Events, Album etc. In some ways that would also remove any confusion as to how they were activated, but I also realise that single WP probably has to be considered somewhere in all that.

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