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Re: BP plugins are visible and activatable for non-admin users in their consoles

Hugo Ashmore


Thanks Jeff, that’s an incredibly useful bit of info. I had wondered about when site wide should be used as was never too sure, but had noticed that certain plugins activated NON site wide would place themselves in the top section of activated plugins as site wide only, now I understand how this happens.

So for clarity if one adds ‘Site Wide Only: true’ to pluginin files main description then it forces site wide activation regardless of whether one chooses to activate normally non site wide. tested this with buddypress-links and is as described.

Edit/ found a plugin that already had ‘Site Wide Only: true’ set yet does not activate site wide using the plain activate link placing it self in the site wide section unlike bp-links. Is there something else that must be set to enable the site wide activation link or the ability to force the plugin to activate site wide?

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