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Re: BP plugins are visible and activatable for non-admin users in their consoles

Jeff Sayre


This is a simple fix. Sometimes BuddyPress plugin developers do not set the proper plugin header tag to make their BP-specific plugins activated sitewide–which means that everyone with a blog has access to the plugin and not just the Site Admin.

So, go to the main files of each of the plugins in question and look for this in the header:

Site Wide Only: false

If you see that, then you make the following change:

Site Wide Only: true

Of course, if you do not even find that tag in the header section, then you add it.

BUT, before doing that, make sure you have deactivated the plugins in question. Once you’ve done that, make the change, save the file, reactivate, and it should now work sitewide only. This means that only the Site Admin will have access to the plugin settings and activation in the admin dashboard.

One final thing to do, since you’ve discovered this issue with these plugins, please help out the community by contacting each of the plugin developers and pointing them to this thread.

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