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Re: BP1.2+ Plugin Wishlists

Casey Trowbridge


Here’s my most desired plugin idea at the moment. It is basically a copy of something already done to a degree on facebook.

Something like a relationships indicator. Say for example I have a friend on my Buddypress install but this friend also just so happens to be my girlfriend. It would be nice if I could set that relationship up.

What I’m thinking is that the plugin could come with some default relationships E.G.: mother, father, son, daughter, cousin, aunt, uncle, wife, husband, co-worker and so on…but also the ability to add a custom relationship. E.G. if I could list a friend as a audio co-host. Friend would be the default level so that a user wouldn’t have to go through and define the relationship between themselves and every single one of their friends.

The ability to notify a user that a definition had been assigned to our relationship so that they could confirm would also be nice. E.G. I identify userX as my girlfriend and she gets an email notice of that and has to confirm the relationship at which point is reflected in both of our profiles or friends areas.

Displaying this information could be done in a number of different ways and regulating who can see these relationships E.G. everyone, friends only, specific individual, private. It could be a separate section under either friends or profile. It would be nice though if say all of my siblings were listed along side each other, all my cousins were grouped together and so on.

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