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Re: bp_setup_nav not firing

Jeff Sayre


You can get the BP hook bp-setup-nav to fire (to function as expected), if you set the proper priority within the add_action line of bp-core.php. This, of course, is a core hack and is something that needs to be addressed in trunk itself.

So, on line 2027 of bp-core.php, instead of:

add_action( 'plugins-loaded', 'bp-setup-nav' );

You do this:

add_action( 'plugins-loaded', 'bp-setup-nav', 50 );

The issue is that there are other functions that need to be fired before this one but since the priorities on a number of plugins-loaded hooks within BP are not set, it causes an issue that results in the bp-setup-nav hook not to be fired.

I’m currently investigating an issue where a number of my custom do_action hooks do not fire when they should. There are also a few additional BP custom hooks that do not fire when they should as well. It may be that this issue is related. Once I figure out the root cause, I will post in Trac. But for now, if you want to use the custom BP hook bp-setup-nav, you can add a very low priority and it will work.

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