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Re: bpContents 0.1X Core Code – Dev Sneak Peek

Burt Adsit


I love it when a project finally starts to come together and I can add features without worrying too much about “Is it the new code or is the old code not working”. Things are beginning to accelerate.

Changes 0.12

– Added OCI_Term, OCI_Item delete rec prohibition to not allow deletion of a term or item if instances exist in the tree.

– Added term, item delete record with deletion of all instances as well: $this->delete_instances_also()

– Changed OCI_Item_Listener to delete the item and all instances on delete_item()

– Removed the overly paranoid and incorrect assumption that mptt get() ops requires a table lock. Doing a table write lock when changing the table suspends all threads until that op is complete. Duh.

– Added OCI_Walker_Container class derived from wp’s tree Walker class. Replaces the print_tree() guts with something useful and configurable down the road.

– Added OCI_Container::print_tag_cloud() , generate_tag_cloud() both blatantly stolen from wp.

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