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Re: bpContents 0.1X Core Code – Dev Sneak Peek

Burt Adsit


Changes 0.14

– Fixed terms coming in from blog posts with only ‘names’ and not ‘slugs’ also. Propagating that fact down to term creation in bpcontents.

– Added getting terms by array of ids in OCI_Term with one query like getting an array of items in OCI_Items

– Removed the method OCI_Container::get_containers() as containers should manage tags and items only. Makes things simpler. Use the tree functions for container management and info.

– Added OCI_Container::get() and get_by_meta() to allow quick path lookups of node id from node meta to eliminate mult queries when parsing the path

– Nobody reads this stuff. I like cats more than I like dogs. Cats fend for themselves and enjoy killing small animals. I do too.

– Added OCI_Item_User class. This allows users to be treated like content items. Bagged, tagged and categorized.

– Created bpContents as a member theme component. Add a crude component function to the member theme. Same functionality as the oci-test-template.php. Just dumps the /recent container.

– Testing the OCI_Item_User class by creating new user items, based on the content author, for each new content item created.

– Reverted back to the oci-content directory structure. Still distributing as

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