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Re: bpContents 0.1X Core Code – Dev Sneak Peek

Burt Adsit


The OCI_Item_RSS_Listener class will obviously only handle *new* content items coming in from any RSS feed.

* A site designer could hook up a variety of feeds and have them go to a particular container like /feeds.

* A group admin could hook up group specific feeds to automatically create items in the group tree.

* I could have feeds that I’m interested in go to /members/burtadsit/profile

The OCI_Item_XMLRPC_Listener class will respond to all the usual suspect actions – create/update/delete from an external source. The requirement will be that the external site be running a subset of the bpContents plugin. An external site can run all the normal listener derived classes like OCI_Item_Blog_Post_Listener and instead of stuffing the OCI_Items into a local content tree it packages the items up and sends them off to a remote site.

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