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Re: Broken delete buttons in 1.1.3

Boone Gorges


Peter – I’m not sure what’s causing your particular problem, but my understanding of most of the AJAX in BP is that you need the following parts:

1) Correct class names in the theme files, or in the core files that generate the html

2) If you’re using bp-sn-parent for a parent theme, the JS for AJAX is located in bp-sn-parent/_inc/js/ajax.js. (Search the file for class names from (1) if you want to know where to start in that file.) ajax.js contains the jquery that waits for user interaction with ajax-enabled elements on the page. When the user interacts (eg clicks on a delete button with class “acomment-delete” to delete an activity item), the code in ajax.js prepares the necessary post variables and sends them to the php handler mentioned in the post action.

3) Those PHP action functions are located in bp-sn-parent/_inc/ajax.php. They do the server-side processing and return markup back to the javascript.

Hope that points you in the right direction.

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