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Re: Buddy Press themes

John James Jacoby


Noticed that you’re installed in a sub directory, might that have anything to do with it? Last I read WPMU had to be installed in the root, but that may have changed.

Does this happen if you use the default MU theme?

Otherwise, yeah this is a new one.

Do me a favor, and in your wp-content directory, make a directory called “_temp” and move ALL of the files in your mu-plugins directory in there EXCEPT bp-core.php and the bp-core directory. Does that make sense? When you’re done, mu-plugins should contain…

  • ./bp-core
  • bp-core.php

Then try and see what happens. Maybe there’s a plugin getting in the way, and this will tell us if so.

Also, can you check the contents of the .css files in your buddypress-home/css/ folder? Is it possible they did not get correctly uploaded? Maybe try deleting them and reuploading them again from a good source file on your computer.

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