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Re: BuddyBar for bbPress

John James Jacoby


The reason why it’s not working is because you’re not using the method included in the plugin.

The groups posting ability relies on XMLRPC, which cannot be re-included when bbPress is loaded via the BuddyPress installation. Using my included method of deep integration will still allow for this functionality to work.


When you go to create a group forum, WordPress is loaded, BuddyPress is loaded, bbPress gets loaded through XMLRPC, which without my deep integration method will try to reload WordPress again, over-writing or clearing all of the bbPress functions/variables/hooks/filters, killing the XMLRPC ability to transmit data through the pipe.

Just bumped to 1.0.3. The plugin now does enhanced checking for the visibility of the BuddyBar/AdminBar as it would previously fail if the bar was hidden in bp-custom.php or wp-config.php.

If you are receiving errors regarding BP_Roles in your BuddyBar, apply patch #1032 to your WPMU trunk installation.

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