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Re: BuddyBar for bbPress

Russell Crosswy


I followed r-a-y’s advice and used the ABS path in my bb-config.php file.

I can activate and use the BuddyBar in bbPress normally.


I lose the forums function in BuddyPress groups, but if I go back to bb-config.php and use the URL for the include_once line I get the forums functionality back and BuddyBar stops working, i.e. it disappears from bbPress.

I guess I don’t REALLY have deep integration working, but the forums functionality works as I would expect and right now that is what I am concerned about.

I’m going to have to sit out and watch this play out and hopefully an easy to follow guide comes out to integrate the latest versions of WPMU, BP, and BB.

My setup may not be “right” but it works as I want it so that’s all I can ask for right now.

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