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Re: Buddymatic theme framework



Uploading all the contents of the Buddymatic folder into /wp-content/themes doesn’t work.

Then I tried uploading everything into bp-sn-parent, but after activation I get this kind of errors in the site:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_has_site_groups() in /serverpath/public_html/mysite/wp-content/themes/bp-sn-parent/directories/groups/groups-loop.php on line 1

Uploading Buddymatic into bp-default did not change anything.

Why is there no explanation anywhere what to do with this bunch of files? It may be obvious to someone who followed the whole theme development thing, or knows what Thematic is, but not to simple folk.

EDIT: The errors are probably due to recent changes in core files. They go away if I add the latest groups-loop.php etc.

I still don’t get where to put the sample-buddymatic-child and/or coffee-with-friends folders; should they stay within the Buddymatic folder? Or should I put them in /themes on the same level? I tried that, but then the admin area says:

Broken Themes (Site admin only)

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description

A Thematic/Buddymatic Child Theme Template is missing.

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