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Re: Buddypress 1.0 for Vietnamese (vi_VN) 1.0 – Language



Jeff Sayre

Hello! I speak English quite currency. but hope you understand I want to say below

As you say “There is another Vietnamese translation of BuddyPress.” I understand by the meaning that has translated into a Vietnamese version of my other.

01: This real currency. Because before I posted here is not hề have translated into any other language Vietnamese.

02: I was checking the translations and you say it’s not exist.

I am a new to wordpress so I buddypress song and I do not know how to bring it to share with people outside the post here

I hope you check back. you can see the time I post this and compare it with the time of translation into Vietnamese other. Hope you see this soon and put the translation on my page

Thank so much

Sorry for my bad english

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