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Re: BuddyPress 1.2.5 tickets are cleared out

The first row is 0, which is an even number. The second row, is row 1 Yes did know that, if I had stopped to think.

One thing worries me slightly; with the addition of the class ‘zebra’ on the tables does that not require anyone in future that might generate a table in a plugin realising they need to add this class to their table.

More importantly though from a theming point of view changes to theme files means that our own themes will break if the changes are of a significant level, I cannot simply copy over say files in /members/single without thinking very carefully as I have a lot of these presentational files heavily modified, and in advance of the 1.2.5 release have had to go through my current actual theme in development and use tortoise svn compare to try and identify changes and manually update my working files, it’s not necessarily that clear if one has caught all those changes. Overall a practice I don’t really wish to have to perform too often.

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