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Re: BuddyPress 1.2.5 tickets are cleared out

Initially, and I would be surprised if anyone has yet to really take the plunge, one has to take the child theme route as trying to code presentational files from scratch with apps such as this would defeat even the best frontender, naturally one starts with the existing default theme folder structure, there’s nothing wrong with it and it’s how BP works, however with that copied over most of us with any experience are going to start very heavilly changing the markup (that is not critism of bp-default, which aint half bad )

There has to be a point where theme files do not suffer any changes, not that is in terms of hooks, functions, variables etc, the odd class not a huge problem as this is really not a core issue but a presentational frontend matter, and if I do not pick that change up no matter I deal with something like that my self or simply pass it by, look at the default theme in passing and realise it’s got a cool feature I lack :)

It’s a point better perhaps discussed at the dev chat? I raised an agenda topic along thses line as I know from experience if aspects like this are ignored for too long they never get dealt with – yes we have all written comments such /* ought to be improved */ or /* stop gap until better method found*/ and /* ought to be moved to…*/ I still come across them in work I and collegues have written and wince . In BP core files there are comments along the lines of /* must remove markup */ and indeed there is too much markup dotted around core files.

@nuprn1 thanks I’ll take a look at winmerge, sort of feel I’m missing a better way of using SVN but as I’ve said it’s been a while since I’ve used it and Tortoise and trying to get my head around it’s confusing series of commands is a lot of trial and error – no I’m I’m not about to rtfm :)

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