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Re: BuddyPress 1.2.5 tickets are cleared out

That guide is pretty much what I have used, haven’t really had to consult a guide though in quite a while for this sort of thing. The point of jQuery and cross browser issues is that the library silently resolves them thus using :nth-child as a straight CSS3 pseudo class will not work for IE but using it within the selector group in a jQuery object and the library corrects for the IE deficiency, or at least thats the way I understood it and one of the reasons amongst many I started to use the library over plain vanilla JavaScript?.

N.B of course I may have got that badly wrong as those of us that have had to struggle through years of IE 5.5 / 6 and the workarounds have tended to avoid CSS3 advanced selectors; would have to test this really.

Tried a few test in IE6 and can’t get any class tokens added, scripting is running but IE refusing to play ball with even basic add class to some other element, the hover function works, so at a loss for the moment.

Edit/ was writing this to the ticket but couldn’t post it ? see you have covered my initial point about jQuery and it’s usefulness where advanced selectors are concerned.

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