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Re: BuddyPress can’t see bp-themes

Laura J


However, you can work around by duplicating the BP Member Theme folder (/bptheme) into /wpcontent/themes. You don’t need to do anything else, but this should populate the list for you allowing you to save the member theme.

Thanks DJPaul. I did this, and it does indeed put the BP themes into the Admin area so that I can activate them, and then when I go into the BP settings, I can now choose the skeleton or default BP theme and save those settings.

BUT…when I try to access any part of BP, it still gives me the same error.

I guess I’ll go try to upgrade to 1.0.3

I forgot to mention in my previous post that when I first activated BP, I received an error that said the plugin couldn’t be activated because it triggered a fatal error, but yet it IS installed and it does show up in my plugin list. Weird.

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