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Re: BuddyPress Classifieds Component 1-beta released !

Great thing – Grosbouff! :-)

I tried it in my testinstall and the following experiences I made:

1. I couldn’t post a classified from the frontend – gave me a 400 error (could be, that it’s just me?!)

2. Posted from backend (created a post in the blog)

3. “All classifieds” in the directory says (0) – but there is one! All the other “tags” I created say (1) although I only posted it in one of them (“sachen”).

4. The advanced search doesn’t really work correctly: When I try to filter, it just ignores my setting.

5. When I click on a category-link underneath a classified – it jumps to the filtering, but shows nothing (although there for sure is one classified with that categorie

6. The design in the advanced search seems a little messed up in FIrefox 3.6 (the gray menu stops in the middle of the page)

7. The classified-activity doesn’t show up in the activity-stream. Not even, when I set the blog visible for everybody (also google)

8.The menu in the single-classified-view is underneath the text. Is that on purpose? The “Start” is empty… (should there be something)

So far my experienced “bugs” (if they are any…)

Further comments:

1. I like it very much!!! :-)

2. Great idea with the ability to make tags dynamically showing up as tabs!

3. In my opinion it would be crucial that classified activity shows up in the activity-stream (in BP1.2 that is THE central point!)

4. The classifieds should have the possibility to react. I would recommend the same functions as any activity-item (comments, favorite) –>maybe that’s hard, because those are actually blogposts?

5. Pictures are very important (as mercime said). It is important to have the possibility to add pictures!

6. It should be translatable – but maybe that’s already in there, for your language is french :-). I would need german…

Thanks for your great job so far! I am really looking forward to it, et je te dire: merci beaucoup!!!

Greez from Switzerland (la Suisse)

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