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Re: buddypress = Content Aggregator



@idotter: Now that you’ve been thinking about this for 3 months, can you summarize what you are looking for? The plugin would allow users to have their social content (to be determined) to be pulled from outside feeds to their profile pages, which would be pulled into the home page potentially (perhaps).

It would be interesting to ‘curate’ outside content in a BP blog network. I’m not sure I care whether this is a plugin into BP, or it’s being collected by a separate website like Noserub. Both could feed a niche focus site’s content.

Depending on the size, automatic aggregation of multiple streams could be overwhelming. Community voting could drive the home page content or maybe there is a content DJ, which means there needs to be a self-hosted database of social content with admin/editing tools. Sweetcron did this as well and is open for development.

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